Application Development:

Curricula Mismatch Index (CMI) Self-Assessment Tool (CMI-SAT)

Application url : https://www.caribbeanskills.org/

There is a known mismatch between the supply and demand-side of the labour market within the CARICOM region. Despite the fact that best practice recommends for Academia and the private sector to closely collaborate on curricula and course designs, this is hardly ever the case within region. Consequently, the output from universities (graduates) is often found to lack the requisite and contemporary skills and competencies demanded by employers for particular occupational fields. Overall, CMI-SAT is to be a user-friendly web-based interface that allows Employers and/or Employers’ Associations to identify skill areas that are of high demand for their individual sectors, and also allows learning institutions/academia to assess the degree to which their institutions’ course offerings satisfy the former.

Website Development and Digital Marketing

Center for Psychological Growth and Wellness

Website url: https:/www.plantationpsychologists.com/

The website is for a renowned group of mental health professionals who served their clients primarily in the Plantation, Florida .All of the team members are professionally trained psychologists and mental health professionals with a variety of specialties and decades of combined experience. All providers are licensed or completing their post-doctoral residency. Dr. Lisa Saponaro approached us for a revamp of their older site and also take the responsibility of Digital marketing [both SEO and social media marketing]. We have successfully completed the entire website and started marketing from December,2020. The client received significant boost in traffic for last 2 months and the Google analytics proves the fact.

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