Relentless relevance is the chief decisive factor for a brand’s success on a long term. We have been helping companies establish their identity online and drive growth. We believe in brand loyalty, the most important thing for a brand to sustain its position.


Relentless relevance is the chief decisive factor for a brand’s success on a long term. We have been helping companies establish their identity online and drive growth. We believe in brand loyalty, the most important thing for a brand to sustain its position.

There are four factors that help to create a brand identity:

  • Client obsession – Customer is king and brands must know their customers really well.

  • Inspiring and must stand out – It’s very important to build permanent and profound emotional associations with clients.

  • Pragmatic approach – Meeting customer requirements practically whenever needed is crucial.

  • Innovation – Innovation brings customer engagement and the brand gets more exposure.

DIGIRabbits designs concrete brand strategy and engagement plan before brainstorming creative ideas. Strategies are unstoppable. Therefore we never stop building innovative ideas to take your brand forward. We offer strategic planning services so that you connect with your customers flawlessly, right from assessing brand strengthening limitations to understanding the entire process of target audience and engagement. We evaluate, analyze, and synthesize the traits and connotation of the brand to build up holistic tactical thinking. It’s important to spot the perfect mix of communication mediums and touch points to achieve the brand aim effectively.

We develop and design precise and stimulating creative strategy proposals that concentrate on your brand goals and business experience. Resourceful brand strategy blends transformational thoughts and approaches to decide the tone and temperament of a brand. Your brand is your identity, its lot more than just a name, a logo or any slogan. It’s the experience your customers have with your product, service or company. A successful brand strategy means unbeaten branding which gives rise to ‘brand equity’. It means the amount of funds the customers are ready to pay for your brand. Revenue generation is the obvious result but apart from this your company gains value day by day.

Solid brand architecture is important; it helps you to grow into a victorious competitor. We strategize in order to fabricate the sturdiest foundation of your enterprise. We work on proper brand positioning for maximum customer interaction and visibility. We believe that only a distinguishing brand strategy is not sufficient for a brand to sustain, but well structured brand management is crucial. For a brand to sustain, we also work towards measuring brand performance by close monitoring. Once we implement our strategies, we use tools to measure performances transparently.

We support powerful brand creation, the values of branding and work towards the benefit of our clients.

Client Speak
This team is thorough and concise with their strategy and approach in providing top of the line service to Glacegrafix, Inc., and to our clients. I am very confident about referring DIGIRabbits to anyone who wants a team that becomes part of their in-house digital marketing group
Margaret Keitha Glace
President - Glacegrafix Inc.
As a global user of the services of DIGIRabbits, and our working on very delicate social issues affecting women's health, I feel confident of their capacity to apply cultural sensitivity and compassionate messaging to our work in delivery of social media marketing. At present, because of their intimate understanding of our brand, they will be providing us an upgraded website. The founder goes all out to ensure full understanding of our needs and even flew to Hyderabad to meet for one night when I recently had an opportunity to visit India on business.
Nicole Joseph-Chin
Founder and CEO - Ms. Brafit
I had the opportunity, honor, and pleasure to work with DIGIrabbits building my site. I was nervous and scared as I had never done anything like this and typically do my own work, but figuring out WordPress was not working for me. DIGIrabbits was so easy to work with on the project. They were professional and personal with me and I now feel connected and as if Anamika is a part of my family. When a close friend needed a site built, I immediately shared DIGIrabbits and I am now getting to work with them to help build a different type of project. I love that distance does not matter, the value they offer, the kindness and help to make your vision become reality, how easy they make the process, and how they are still there when I need help. They were dedicated, on time, responsive, and continue to offer great customer service and follow up after the completion of the project.
Denise Mercer
Denise Mercer,
The ILO Decent Work and Office for the Caribbean established an engagement with DIGIrabbits as the supplier of our Curricula Mismatch Index Self-Assessment Tool which was an undertaking of building and developing the appropriate software to facilitate the identification of skills and competencies of high demand in key sectors, and allows education and training institutions to assess the degree to which their course offerings meet the skills demand of the labour market. The project was delivered in a timely manner and all of our needs were addressed to allow for relevance to the overall goals of the ILO for sustainable regional skills gap methodology and analysis tools.
Vanessa Phala
Senior Specialist for Employers’ Activities ILO Decent Work Team and Office for the Caribbean
We, at BIT USA INC., have been utilizing DIGIRabbits for more than 3 years. Not only have they assisted us in our effective online marketing strategy, but helped us in social media marketing as well. This is our first effort at social marketing and not knowing how to proceed forward or about the results this has been a very positive experience. Market presence is a must for any business in order to denote your presence for not only new customers but also to attract new clients. We at BIT want to thank DIGIRabbits team for a job well done!!
Pat Tandon
Founder & Network Engineer – BIT USA INC.
The DIGIrabbits team with Keitha has been fantastic to work with. They redesigned two websites for my business and have been working on both sites regularly through their SEO services. I love the redesign and get compliments on it regularly! I have noticed a significant increase in my website traffic and appreciate their regular website traffic updates. It’s nice to see my google ranking increase. The entire team communicates well and reaches out proactively to get feedback and make changes as needed. I am extremely satisfied and highly recommend them. Thank you!
Dr. Lisa Saponaro
Licensed Psychologist
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