SEO Basics for Beginners

What is SEO?

SEO is a strategical optimization of the content available online the full form of which is Search Engine Optimization.

The main objective of SEO is to gain traffic in the websites which are to attract relevant visitors to the subject matter of the website. A good and researched search engine optimization results in high organic traffic to the website.

How SEO works

SEO of websites basically stands for optimizing the words and information as of the website contents according to the requirement of the search engine. When Google is asked a query, it looks for familiar words and pieces of information on the web and shows the result. Keeping this in mind, the SEO strategists use the keywords and upgrade the information characteristics in order to gain a higher ranking of their respective websites in the searched results.

There are numerous pages on the web, containing familiar information. But google recognizes it with the popularity of traffic the website has. Therefore, it’s a cyclic process to gain traffic to a website, to be recognized by the search engine which grows the chances of high traffic. But, the key feature to all of this is to optimize a website according to the required keywords and information. Characterizing websites with SEO is the first step to land a website on the web with a fruitful purpose.

What does it take to perform well in SEO?

The points to keep in mind for a well-optimized SEO are-

  • The content should be friendly with the search engine, its language, and target audience.
  • It should have substantial as well as informative content about the specific topic.
  • It should build trust over other websites n the subjective topic and quality of the information provided.
  • It should be featured with smart and strategically researched SEO.

Beginners guide to SEO: STEP BY STEP

  1. Keyword research

Keyword research is done in order to track the language and words customers or audiences are looking for on the web. Researching keywords and using the proper keywords in the web content is the first and foremost step for gaining organic traffic. Many website managers often neglect this step and allegedly 80 to 95% of websites do not get any traffic from google. Hence, they remain unrecognized due to competitive ranking amongst the websites.

For instance, if the website is selling or featuring information about foods or recipes of a certain cuisine, such as Indian cuisine, the website owner has to keep the competitor’s website in mind. Customers will search the specific recipes rather than the term ‘Indian restaurant’. The importance of keyword research will add value here. The e-commerce stores of the same field will have created the competitive search for the keyword ranking, to cope up with which an equivalent search of the words is necessary.

  1. Meta Description

Meta Description is the defining part of the website content, which introduces the visitors about the content on the first place. It is One of the most impactful part in an ideal SEO. The short description as Meta Description of the website includes 275 characters according to the recent update of Google (as of 2017, google will allow 275 characters on SERP). The Meta Description is quoted by Google after the specific page has secured a rank according to the keywords, and it appears in the search result. An ideal meta description consists of highly relevant keywords and convincing piece of information.

Vital points about Meta Description

  • It should be subtle and not too long.
  • The Meta description has to be completely relevant.
  • It should convey the importance and value of the product to the visitors.
  • It should be creative and attractive.
  • The elements of the Meta Description should be compatible with competitive ranking ambience.


Why is SEO necessary for every website ?

The search engine prioritizes only the websites which are popular amongst the visitors and the algorithm of the same are 

 Where do these SEO requirements come from?

Search engines value what website visitors find important and try to capture that in their algorithms.

 Give SEO time. Put in the work.

SEO success doesn’t just happen overnight. SEO requires patience, persistence, and a lot of hard work. SEO is also never done; search engines are constantly tweaking their algorithms, and your competitors are constantly trying to outmaneuver you.

 “Are there no shortcuts?” you may ask yourself.

 There are SEO tactics to cut corners (often called black hat SEO) and get results fast, but we’d never recommend them, because they won’t make for a sustainable SEO strategy. What works today may hurt you tomorrow when search engines catch up.

 A search engine friendly website

Alright, so the first step towards SEO success is making sure your website is search engine friendly. But what does this mean? It means search engines should be able to find and access your pages easily.

 Help search engines find your pages

Search engines have so-called “crawlers” that are constantly searching the web for pages. They find pages by following links and parsing XML sitemaps.


Make sure that all pages within your website are linked to. Otherwise search engines have a hard time finding your pages and assigning popularity to them. Link to your top pages the most, and keep in mind that links from topically related pages contribute more to topical relevance than links from irrelevant pages.

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